New EAP Client Forms

EAP counseling is a time sensitive short term solution-focused model.  Which simply means the aim is to resolve the presenting situation within the number of sessions authorized.  If extended time is need beyond the number of sessions authorized, we may refer to your benefit plan network for continuing services.      

EAP counseling cannot be provided for indepth or long term counseling needs, or for disability, FMLA, time off work, service animal requests, custody evaluations, or workman's comp. 

We may be unable to reschedule a no show no call since this may not be a healthy way to begin a theapeutic relationship.

 Late cancel may affect remaining authorized sessions on file  

Note:  We will be unable to send a Zoom link if no consent forms are received prior to your appt time.

You can complete forms online by clicking below:

Online fillable forms