New EAP Client Forms

EAP counseling is a time sensitive short term solution-focused model.  Which simply means the aim is to resolve the presenting situation within the number of sessions authorized.  However, if you wish to continue with ongoing care beyond the number of sessions authorized, we may assist with connecting you to your benefit plan network or other resources for your ongoing care.   

The EAP process is to complete an initial assessment, provide short term counseling if agreed upon, assist with making appropriate referrals when ongoing care is determined, and then close the authorization.

This EAP Provider will be unable to assist with the following (however, you may contact your EAP for assistance) :

Disability paperwork
FMLA paper work 
Letters for service animal requests
Documentation (proof of counseling) for lawyers, probation officers, employers, etc.

Note:  Depending on the circumstances, we may be unable to reschedule first appointments with a no show no call.

Note:  Please feel free to text, visit the website, or leave a voice mail within 24hrs of your appt when you need to cancel.

Note:  Zoom links are normally sent "on the day of your appt" once we have your consent forms.   

Note:  Telehealth providers must be licensed in the state you will be in at the start of the session .

Complete forms online by clicking below

 (select the  "browser" option no need to download app then "save to pdf filler" option when finished):

EAP Client Intake Forms